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NeuroSpinology specifically focuses on the dynamic relationship between nervous system function and spinal movement. NeuroSpinologists use precise skills to stimulate neural circuits that are compromised and affecting body function. The Advanced Diploma of NeuroSpinology is a part-distance program offering a gateway to a fantastic new career for anyone seeking change.

The NeuroSpinology program at AFS is mainly delivered through distance education, allowing students a great deal of flexibility in terms of study pace without giving up their current employment. The program is designed to take 2 years to complete, but that time frame may vary somewhat. Course costs include all training and study manuals, as well as online assistance, fact sheets and online classes, webinars and tutorials, and full access to the Student Study Portal. All materials are available through the Student Study Portal. The in-house component of the program is conducted through a combination of weekend and day classes over the course of the 2 years.

Training is extremely thorough covering all technical, academic, business, marketing, communicative and client management requirements to become a competent, professional standard NeuroSpinologist upon graduation. The NeuroSpinology program also has a strong philosophy component to assist students in the evolution of their own personal philosophy, which ultimately enables the development of sustainable professional confidence and certainty. As Socrates told us, “the unexamined life is not worth living”.

Graduates of this course will have the specific knowledge and skills required for highly skilled work as NeuroSpinologists and for continued learning and development. They will have broad academic and technical knowledge of all subjects related to NeuroSpinology, (anatomy, physiology, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, biomechanics, spinal dynamics, applications of logic and reasoning, communication, client management, practice management, marketing and promotion of a non-therapeutic NeuroSpinology practice, NeuroSpinology techniques and NeuroSpinology Dimensional Analysis), as well as high level knowledge of core components including NeuroSpinology Orientations, NeuroSpinology Reports, NeuroSpinology Interviews, NeuroSpinology educational workshops, formulation and delivery of NeuroSpinology service plans.

Completion of this course will enable graduates to commence their Field Practice Internship, which requires a minimum of 300 postgraduate hours of supervised NeuroSpinology practice in practices approved by the Registration and Professional Development Board of NeuroSpinology. Upon completion of the Field Practice Internship, graduates will be eligible to apply for full professional status with the Registration and Professional Development Board of NeuroSpinology.

Outstanding career opportunities are available for all graduates, either in private practice, in corporations or sporting organisations, or as associates in existing practices. There is an already high, and increasing demand in Australia and throughout the world. 


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Receive an Information Pack